Friday, March 16, 2007

A Unique 19 year-old Canadian Girl,

… Successfully found it ….repeating in tears…THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH

Her name is Jennifer and she is a Canadian citizen...unlike most of the girls her age she has been deeply contemplating the essence of life, it's target and the role humans are to play.

I can safely say that we, in our Arab communities, may feel like strangers as far as women are concerned. A lot of them are fascinated by the false glamor that has been embedded in their minds through the western media and magazines since their early childhood.

Here is the start:

In her quest to find the truth, someone suggested our site as a reliable source to Islam, we started to explain the basics of Islam and about the miraculous Quran that has been kept unchaged for 1400 years ... we then advanced to the Quran international authenticity : Versions in China is typical to that in America or in Egypt or in any other part of the world. Then we concluded that Islam is the true religion to follow and Quran is the unchangeable word of Allah.

Coming to science and Quran’s Revelation of recently discovered scientific facts : we came to let her touch that in Quran… that in spite of the hardness and time consumed in researches together with a highly sophisticated tools and equipment used.. a man called Mohammad (PBUH) lonely amid desert of the Arabian Peninsula (Makka) stated in details a great portion of these discoveries One more Lingual challenge ..

Those the originator of the Arabic language .. regarded as its cavalier.. with unsurpassed eloquence .. amazingly stood stuttering before the simple clear wording of Quran retracting from the field .. What a kind of a challenge it is !! Flashing back : it the same kind of challenge that Christ (PBUH) has experienced with his people who were superior in medicine and he surprised them with the capability of reviving the Soul of a Dead Body.

Days are passing by:

She earnestly was contacting from time to time for more answers to a heap of queries spraining to her head until one day she put a question about the Muslim festivals and feasts .. I replied and explained how Moslims are celebrating their occasions like : Greater Bairam and Lesser Bairam …. She came to a hold … immediately I resumed …

Is it the time now?? She said : YES

I was overjoyed by her response .. but wanted to make sure .. so I asked: I mean the time to embrace Isalm !

She affirmed: “ Yes, I know what you mean”

Overwhelmed by joy as if in the seventh heavens with my heart carried away with joy : Al Hamdulilah ( Thanks is to Allah) .. We start now !!

She said : YES .

I said : “ do you mind giving your contact phone ?”.

She gave me the number.

Same moment I dialed and she was listening while I revised what I have introduced before of how to become a Moslim and told her :
Now it is time for the practical section. I proceeded and explained the meaning of the Two Shahadah ( Monotheism) and the other part that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.

Then asked her to repeat the following :
Ash Hadu … Alla… Ilaha…. Illa Allah

Whimpering she repeated and she sound like sobbing !!

I proceeded ..

Wa Ash Hadu Anna Mohamadan Rasool Allah

With a more submitting tone she repeated and then burst loudly into tears

I inquired : “ Why do you weep? Are you feeling sad or discomfort??

She explained that these are not tears of sadness !!

I commented : “ then why do you weep? I believe that you are now in your best state and you have gained a blessing boon by embracing Islam. You have been- among billions – chosen by Allah .. not only billions of non- Muslims but of real Muslims who are no more observing Islam as their way of life .. you have to rejoice more than to weep!!

Still weeping she said : “ I don’t Know !!”

I repeated once more that she has been bestowed the divine honor… and she has been totally washed away of all her past at this particular moment and asked her to consider me for forgiveness the time she is making call to Allah.

I ended the call with a promise she will be starting to learn how to pray using the Internet facility for the time being until guided to the nearest local Islamic community that would be handling Prayer tuition.

After a while , we were engaged in a discussion .. I asked her :” why you felt like weeping last time ? “

She answered :” Really I don’t know !! I can’t find a substantial reason for this! It was the first time I feel something pushing happiness into my heart!! I felt secure and peaceful .. reality seems to be Islam .. it is settled inside me now that Isalm is the absolute truth!!“ Contrary to my happiness it comes to my mind : a lot of us has been deprived of such an elevated perceptions and affections .. Sometimes we come across the same while reading but no traces are likely to be manifest to our behavior.

We Arabs who has been honored to posses the Quran in our mother tongue and hardly we can find a real inflection or reflection of such sensations as Jennifer.

Allah has made Quran an ultimate remedy for sicknesses of both the heart and body .. besides, Islam is the salvation to mankind from all shapes of problems …

How astonishing !! you witness the Quranic Impact in a new Moslim truly and honestly signified !!

We aspire that Allah forgive and support her while going deeper into Islam.

Please don’t forget her while appealing to Allah.


The story was written by a reporter of, who was personally in contact with Jennifer until she converted to Islam.

Friday, March 9, 2007

IslamTube !

YouTube + Islam = YouTubeIslam

haha! how cool is that?

UPDATE: YouTubeIslam is sponsored by Yusuf Estes, the Muslim covert who sponsors al-Huda TV. I also found IslamTube.

Al-Qaeda Invites America to Islam

I found this 50-minute video posted on the internet about two months ago, in which the 2nd man of al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Thawahiri, shows up briefly for few minutes to introduce and authenticate 'Azzam The American' - An American Jew who converted to Islam and joined al-Qaeda -, then the latter gives a message that lasts for 45 minutes, in which he attempts to explain and invite Americans to the religion of Submission to the God.

The video was available online to download until recently, but now I could only find it in YouTube, I don't know if it will stay there for a long time.

This is the first part of the video, where Al-Thawahiri introduces Azzam, and the first minutes of Azzam's speech.

For the rest of the video, here are the links:

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

To be honest, this is the first time I actually hear about this Azzam the American guy, but when I googled his name, I got over 36000 results. (which is, by the way, almost equal to the number that you would get if you googled any regular blogger's name, including my own name!) I also learnt that he was the first American to be charged with treason since World War II !

I dunno if Americans are very loyal people to their government, or just indifferent of it.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Letter to the UNESCO Regarding al-Aqsa Excavations

The UNESCO has decided to send a technical mission to the Old City of Jerusalem, inscribed on UNESCO's Wolrd Heritage List and on the World Heritage in Danger List, to a carry out a technical assessment of the works on the access to the Sacred Sanctuary (Al-Haram al-Sharif)...

Several fellow bloggers have posted this on their blogs, a plan to start a campaign of sending letters TODAY (the 3rd of March) to the UNESCO and ask them to assign a permanent chamber in the Old City to monitor the excavations and stop any attempts to damage the foundations of the Aqsa Mosque as an important part of world's heritage.

Following extensive consultations with all the parties concerned, the Director-General requested the mission to leave as soon as possible, probably early next week. It will be led by the Director of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, Francesco Bandarin, and include the Director-General of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), Mounir Bouchenaki; the President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Michael Petzel; and VĂ©ronique Dauge of the World Heritage Centre...

Below is a template of a letter that I strongly encourage You (You, reading this right now) to send on your behalf to the Director-General of UNESCO Mr Koichiro Matsuura (geneva (at) unesco (dot) org ), and Director of UNESCO office in Ramallah, Palestine - Mr. Bechir Lamine (b(dot)lamine (at) unesco (dot) org)).

Dear Sir,

We acknowledge and appreciate your great efforts to protect and save the priceless human heritage all over the world. Recently, we read that a group of professional investigators has been sent by the Unesco to Jerusalem to investigate the situation of Israeli excavations at the area of the sacred sanctuary of Al Masjed Al Aqsa, which we have a big concern that this may affect the foundations and lead to buildings collapse for one of the most important historic elements of this area and all over the world.

We do support your efforts and your investigation group and looking for assigning a permanent chamber near this area to monitor, announce and stop any trial to destroy our heritage either for political or religion reasons.

Thank you and best regards,