Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Veiled Women Cannot Participate in Society...

The only limitations on women who wear Niqab are set by their society, not by the piece of fabric on their face. Veiled women are very capable of studying (yes, even in language classes!), working, socializing, travelling, voting, driving, expressing their opinions, etc. In fact, the concern about Niqabis voting is laughable. If I am going to vote, or register at a university, or write an exam, or travel (to name a few examples), I am expecting that I will need to show my face to someone, in order to be identified. It is preferable that there be female employees present in all cases, so that I only have to show my face to a woman, but in a worst case scenario, I will show my face to a man in order to be identified. I do not need (or expect) to vote without my identity being checked!

There is an interesting side note about Muslim society in which most people think women are forbidden from working: since it is preferable to most women that their doctors, pharmacists, hair dressers, tailors, teachers, and customs agents (and the list goes on) are women too, well that seems like a pretty good way to ensure employment opportunities to women now doesn’t it? 

The veil is certainly not about hiding my identity. It is only about hiding my beauty, which I don’t think my boss, co-worker, governmental representative, traffic policeman - or even the guy who sells me my groceries - needs to see. People who deal with me on a regular basis can still recognize me, by my voice, my eyes, my posture, gestures and clothing etc. We are not all anonymous blobs of black, but we will only be that if you blur your own vision to see us that way. For those men who feel offended that I choose not to show you my face, sorry but tough luck. There are enough scantily clad women in the streets of Toronto in summer that one less woman to look at should not faze you too much. And if it’s actually because you want to “communicate with me properly”, please just give it a try and you will see that the only person limited by my veil is you, and all the other ethnocentric, closed minded people. If you actually listen to what I have to say, you will hear me speaking. Please stop telling me that I’m oppressed... you shouldn’t have to forcibly undress women in order to “liberate” them from their own choice in clothing, whether it’s their blouse, head scarf or face veil. 


Adduonline said...

Nice argument and well written

بوابة البرامج said...

بارك الله فيكم وسدد الله خطاكم

Fat Bastard said...

If God was all-powerful and all-loving, with free will yet perfectly good, God would create life with similar properties: with free will and perfectly good. Meaning that there would be no human-created evil, and no need for evil, suffering or death in the world in any way. However, there is evil and death in very great quantities, therefore it holds that if the situation was created by a god, rather than natural forces, then such a god is not omnipotent and benevolent. Given that such a god exists, it must be malevolent: An evil god, who created life for the sole purpose of watching life suffer.
Such a god would make life, in its very essence, impossible to exist without death, violence, suffering and struggle. Advanced life, especially, would be inherently prone to nastiness, wars, immorality, killing and causing of suffering. As this is how it is in the world, it holds that the existence of such levels of suffering, if it is the result of intelligent design, is thoroughly evil, and to call god "good" is a corruption of the truth.
As it happens, the world is as we would expect it to be if the designer of life was evil. Ancient religious minds also realized this. The Manicheans explained that this world was the creation of an evil God, and that we had to somehow escape from it. Some people criticize this, asking, if the world was designed by an evil God, why is there some happiness and goodness in the world? Why isn't the world purely evil, with only suffering?

class="IQL"“A Manichean might retort that this is the worst of all possible worlds, in which the good things that exist serve only to heighten the evils. The world, he might say, was created by a wicked demiurge [who] created some virtuous men, in order that they might be punished by the wicked; for the punishment of the virtuous is so great an evil that it makes the world worse than if no good men existed. class="IQR"” "History of Western Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell, p571

qodri said...

blognya sangat bagus dan membantu sekali... saya harap anda mengunjungi balik, iya
syukran atas kepercayaanya

A.Fawad said...

Good Work. There are times when one following the right path might feel intimidated by the cold stares and disapproval oozing from the people around- all we can do at those times is pray for strength and help from Allah SWT
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Mashallah.Very good.Email me at
i am put as anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mahsallah this is chinese muslim but i noww enghlish my name chinchan hobnob

Anonymous said...

Fat Bastard, if you could just stop and open your eyes, heart and mind as to why there is so much suffering, pain and death in the world, you might begin to understand and see the bigger pic of what OUR Glorious, Almighty God has painted for us.

You begin to ask - "If God was all-powerful and all-loving, with free will yet perfectly good, God would create life with similar properties: with free will and perfectly good."
But God DID create us with all those qualities, every single one of us. It is the free will, the freedom of choice which ultimately decides whether you will be a good person - living in peace and harmony among all or a bad person - who robs, steals, murders and rapes. It is YOUR choice. God has given us free will, what we decide to do with that free will is up to us. We are all born pure and free of sin.

Its the life after death that is eternal, not this life. This is all a dream. When you die, is when you wake up. God is judging you. Follow the right path and worship the Creator, the most Merciful. You will be rewarded in the after life.

Those who decide there is no God. Who believe we merely 'evolved' here and disregard the power of the All Mighty will be punished in the hereafter.

Those who argue, 'well, why is there evil' ... Because it is here to make you stronger. It is here to test your faith. Have patience and faith and know that those who commit evil acts will be punished by God, if not in this world then the hearafter.

We should all help one another be good people and be eternally grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to be here. To see. To hear. To smell. To taste. To touch. To feel. To love...

Anonymous said...

muslim directory said...

Masha'Allah may Allah (swt) reward you abundantly... Jazaka'Allah. Many of these western societies are fuelled by their desires... lust being one of the most powerful... so when womans beauty is taken away from the eyes of others then people don't like it because their desires don't like it.

Womens Rights in Islam said...

Very True, it is society which impose restriction.

Infact Islam has given special rights to Womens 1400 years ago, which western culture is enjoying now.
I am proud to be a Muslim women.

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